Evening, Weekend and Phone Consultations, Flat Fees/Immigration and Naturalization Law

Our immigration attorneys now offer evening and weekend consultations for a flat fee rate. Our offices are located Downtown Chicago but our attorneys will arrange a telephone conference at a mutually-convenient time for those unable to come to the office in person, located in other states, or oversees.

Please complete our Contact Form and include a preferred date and time for the appointment as well as a brief description of the matters you wish to consult us on so that we may provide a flat fee rate for the consultation.

We will confirm the appointment via e-mail or by phone. For evening, weekend and phone appointments, payment must be made at the time that the appointment is confirmed.

We also offer flat fee rates for the majority of immigration petitions and processes that we undertake. For clients who retain us for immigration petitions, full credits and reductions will be given for the entire amounts paid for consultation on the same matter.

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